Fast and Easy EV Approval

Getting an Extended Validation (EV) certificate can be difficult and tedious. But it can also be simple and fast. Here are a few suggestions to make the application process easy, so we can help limit frustrations and speed up verification and issuance. Why EV?

Required: Extended Validation SSL agreement

The certificate authority (CA) will e-mail an Extended Validation SSL Agreement to you. Your Organizational Contact must sign it and fax or mail it back to the CA.

Verification call

Please notify the Organizational Contact to expect a 60-second phone call and to treat it with high priority. The CA must call the contact at a number from one of the following:
  • Professional opinion letter; or
  • Public telephone directory;

Five Verification Questions

Recommended: Professional opinion letter

The easiest and FASTEST way to get your certificate issued is to submit an opinion letter from an attorney or CPA practicing in one of two locales:

  1. Location of requesting organization's incorporation; or,
  2. Any location where the organization has an office.

Alternative: Authentication requirements

If you decide against a professional opinion letter, the following describes authentication:

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